Children, Elstree – Sony


Local Govt Councillor, Bloomsbury


Machine Operator, Hassleholm


Plant Hire Owner, 2,850′ above Cambridgeshire


Groom, The Cotswolds


Surfers, Saunton – Vodafone


MTB Child’s Seat Designer, Peaslake


Midget Football Leaguer, Shippensburg, PA


Students, Aquatics Centre Olympic Park


Humanoid Robot, Brussels


Deep-Sea Diver, Battersea – HSBC


Stage Actor, Hackney


Showjumper, Buckingham


Model, Greenwich


Musician, Angel Islington


Development Lead Card Payments Provider, Harrogate


VR Newbie, Southbank


Model, Greenwich


Junior Soccer Leaguer, Zanzibar


Dressage Rider, Wellington

Portraits Of People At Play

People doing what the love, what’s not to like?

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