Banking CEO, Canary Wharf


Lawyer, Stockholm


Managing Director, Beijing


Product Designer, Stockholm


Private Equity Head Of CRM, Boston, MA


Engineer and Physics Professor, Linköping


Commercial Property Managers, Mayfair


Card Payment Provider Sale’s Star, Manchester


Private Equity Head of Partner Services, London


Private Equity Associate, Miami


Technology CEO, Sweden


Private Equity, Victoria


Lawyers, City Of London


Private Equity, Mexico City


Lawyer, Putney


Lawyers, City Of London


Private Equity Associate, Mexico City


Private Equity Team, Victoria


Product Designer, Stockholm


Assistant VP Private Equity, Marble Arch


Accountancy Communications Director, Holborn


Queen’s Counsel, Middle Temple


Environmental Engineer, Västerås


Private Equity Director, Frankfurt


MD Corporate Risk Solution Global Banking, Liverpool Street


Director and Managing Director Private Equity, Mexico City


Banker, Canary Wharf


Commercial Property Director, Kings Cross


Lawyer, Putney


Private Equity Analysts, Hong Kong


Reinsurers, Manchester


Lawyer, Putney


Private Banking Relationship Manager, Canary Wharf


Engineer, Gothenburg


Private Banker, City Of London


Shipping Insurer, St-Katherines Dock


VP Private Equity, Marble Arch


Private Equity Senior Partner, Victoria


Barrister’s Clerk, Middle Temple

Professionals Photographed In Their Offices

Office workers, from the factotums to the big cheeses. Talking, walking, smiling, scowling, they can do it all to get to a great picture.

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